Take a sailboat excursion around the National Park of La Maddalena

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Take a sailboat excursion around the National Park of La Maddalena

Explore the most exciting sites in the La Maddalena’s National Park as well as in Corsica

Discover what it feels like to take a “one of a kind” trip on a sailboat. On our epic Lateen sailboat, “Maria”, you’ll have the opportunity to come on board this 1899 lateen sailboat, and visit some of the most unique and sought after places in the world. All of this is located on the island of north Sardinia in the splendid and spectacular island chain of La Maddalena.

Cristal-clear water, perfect beaches together with breath-taking scenery, all accompanied by traditional Sardinian cuisine are just some what you will experience if you take a sailboat excursion with us.

What does our excursion Include?

Our guests on the epic sailboat “Maria” will spend an unforgettable day of sailing through the crystal-clear waters of the National Park of La Maddalena. They are always fascinated and surprised by the beauty that each place that they visit, places which fill their unique experience on board with once in a lifetime memories. After a brief and relaxing sail, the first stop will be at “Porto Madonna” (better known as the “Natural Swimming Pools”) which is a natural harbor located between the islands of Budelli, Razzoli, and Santa Maria where we will stop to take a nice swim. Then we’ll get back on board to find the aromas of a freshly cooked Sardinian meal made from quality guaranteed first-choice products, where the crew will at your service for a great lunch.

We only serve original Sardinia products professionally prepared with enthusiasm making our excursion irresistible to food connoisseurs. The island of Spargi being less crowded in the afternoon hours, always offers delightful surprises. We will accommodate our guests to the beaches of Spargi and let them choose their favorite little cove where they can relax.

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Sailboat daytrip around the National Park of La Maddalena

1899 Epic Sailboat “Maria”

The sailboat “Maria” is a superb, elegant, prestigious, and reliable vessel built back in 1899 by the axe of old craftsmanship passion, and still sails the seas today with her elegant beauty which has not been dulled by the passing of time. The Arcipelago of the National Park of La Maddalena’s colorful scenery, smell of the sea, and wildlife along its coast create a picturesque canvas incomparable to anything else.

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